Nicco's Foccacia

A brilliant recipe from one of my students. Fluffy, tasty, easy to make.


Ingredients serve 6 persons

1kg - White flour πŸ₯–

30g - Sugar 🍭

100g - Butter 🧈

25g - Salt πŸ§‚

500ml - Water πŸ’§

50g - Yeast πŸ„

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Melt butter in pan

Put sugar and yeast into a cup and mix until liquid

Mix together butter, yeast and all other ingredients and knead well

Let dough rest for about 1h, ideally put a wet cloth over the dough and put in over at 50C.

Spread dough on baking tray (not too big so that bread will also have some volume) and bake for approx 30min at 170C.

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